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Lugosi is an indie alt trio based out of the central Canadian prairies. Their dark pop debut album, ‘The Desert Scorpion,” was released during the last quarter of 2020 and has already garnered plenty of local fanfare. Much of their inspiration draws from the prairie landscape where all three members have chosen to plant their roots, along with additional inspiration taken from the southwest desert, all topped off with an underlying hint of western flare. The majority of the lyrics are composed by frontman, Chris Zielke and drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Jordan Vandal’s personal repertoire which touches on a wide array of subjects ranging from seemingly innocent nights on the town to anthems declaring undying solidarity to a loved one. Accompanied by guitarist, Brendyn Funk, the resulting sound on this album is a haunting diary where the influence of all three members has clearly been represented. Lugosi also strongly believes in supporting local artists and thus, chose to collaborate with independent film maker, James Dixon, for their debut video accompaniment. The result is a juxtaposition of nostalgic Winnipeg scenes paired with the perfect moody soundtrack. If you are looking for an honest taste of prairie life, this is it. Guaranteed to soothe your soul like lemonade honey.


Winnipeg MB Canada



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