Matt Cory

Grunge Hard Rock Instrumental Metal


Based in Brandon, Manitoba, Matt Cory has been playing guitar and writing songs for over 10 years. Matt has been playing in bars and clubs since he was 17 years old with various local Westman bands ranging from alternative metal to indie-folk groups and hasn't slowed down since.

In 2017, Matt released 4 EPs under his instrumental rock project titled “Engines of Creation”. He wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered everything himself. “It was my dream to write and release my own instrumental music,” Cory says, “I have always been a big Joe Satriani fan and once I discovered how to write melodies like him I couldn't stop writing.”

Matt began fronting his own band in 2018 as lead vocalist covering songs from bands such as Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots and Filter. After a year of playing covers fronting a cover band, Matt wrote his solo EP titled “Scars on the Ceiling”. It was once again written, recorded, mixed and mastered by himself with little assistance. “It’s a vocal-driven hard rock EP that utilizes my influences loudly including Velvet Revolver, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Ghost. Kicking off the EP is the no-nonsense chugging title track and takes you on a hard rockin’ roller coaster withs all the ups and down a music lover could want.”

A few months later, Matt released his self-recorded followup EP titled Day of Reckoning. The guitar driven sounds like something between early 90s grunge and 80s metal. 

2020 saw Matt releasing 4 EP’s with varying styles including an instrumental, acoustic, metal and hardrock. Matt had written, recorded, mixed and mastered everything himself on each release. The momentum was starting to really roll and then Covid hit and put everything to a grinding halt. 

Being stuck at home and not being able to perform had Matt at a crossroads as to what to do next. Taking a break from recording and writing, he decided to jump onto the TikTok social media platform and started releasing daily guitar riff cover videos. With nearly 150 videos posted, Matt had grown a following to nearly 1000 followers. 

In 2021, Matt had returned to writing and recording with 3 singles, an electronic inspired melodic foot-tapper titled Goodbye, a cover of the Cheap Trick classic power ballad: The Flame and an instrumental “Surfing with the Alien inspired shredder titled Insomnia. He also decided to dive into video editing by putting together two music videos for Goodbye and Concrete Jungle that are available on YouTube.

As 2022 unravels, Matt has been able to return to the stage playing in his alternative hard rock band, 18 Rabbit as the lead guitarist and acoustic cover band as the frontman, guitarist and vocalist for Vertigo.

Matt is looking to take his music to the next level by digging through his massive collection of demos recorded during the pandemic and put together a new EP for 2022. Matt is also looking to have a website built to give people a “more focused” place where his music is readily available. 

Matt Cory is currently an unsigned artist and all of his music is available through various streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music, GooglePlay, YouTube and many more.


Matt Cory
848 23rd Street Brandon MB Canada R7B1W5
1 204 570 2647

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