The Harlots To Film Video


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The Harlots are heading to Toronto to film the first video for the first single, "Alien," from the sophomore CD, Crawl Spaces (which was produced by Brandon Freisen). Sean Turrell, whos worked with other artists such as Hawksley Workman, will be directing. The video and radio single will be released across Canada March 24th.
Crawl Spaces will be in stores across Canada on April 29th and is being distributed by Universal Canada. The Harlots have also signed a P&D deal with Universal as well, and are working with William Skinny Tenn (Hayden, Hawksley Workman) from Pandyamonium/William Tenn Management and Ralph James from the Agency Group. Their website,, will be up shortly. Expect a release party in early May, and a cross-Canada tour to follow.

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