S. Hinkson is the "Man Alone" for the soundtrack to local Winnipeg indy flick

By Scott Hinkson

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Two years ago, beginner filmmakers Jordan Pearn and Steven Nemeth embarked project that detailed one man’s reflection and emotional return from a personal abyss. However, for some time the project remained a loose aggregate of scenes in Pearn’s dusty archives.

January 2003 marked the completion of editing the 11-minute piece as film took on the working title “Man Alone”. Pearn(director) and Nemeth(actor) requested that an original score was to be developed for the largely silent piece by long time friend and former music cohort, Scott Hinkson.

Taking a much needed break from recording Talent Show Finalist’s Tracking Outside In, Hinkson began work immediately. While referencing the film scenes through a small digital camera screen, Hinkson began work to match the film’s atmosphere. The end result provided the filmmakers with a series of ambient and textured arrangements that guide the listener through the ethereal, troublesome, and reflective nature of the movie.

The soundtrack was completed in May, just short of a 30 minute running time... more than twice the film's length. Despite the fact that the "final touches" have yet to be completed on the local independent short, Hinkson decided to release a limited edition release of the Man Alone soundtrack July 22nd, 2003, coinciding with Talent Show Finalist's performance at this year’s Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

Those interesting is buying the soundtrack can do so by visiting "Planet of Sound" on Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, or by contacting Hinkson at simpletune@hotmail.com for more information on the soundtrack and the film's release date.

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