BenWah CD Release


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If you’ve never heard of BenWah, don’t worry…neither had we! That is until he gave us his new “soon to be released” CD Clonage; we haven’t stopped spinning it since.
BenWah (a.k.a. Benoit Morier) has been infiltrating the local music scene for nearly a decade. Founding member of local fan favourites Rudimental and Ham, BenWah flew the coop, so to speak, travelling and playing music in France and Africa. After a near death experience in the Sahara Desert, he returned to France, reunited with his Ham brethren, and recorded their album Embassy de Volcanoes. After recording the album Froggy Times with famous Rock n’ Roll Princess Mimi De Cro˙ in Valotte (France), and working in a recording studio in Nevers (also France), BenWah made Gary Doer and Glen Murray proud by returning to his native province of Manitoba.
Recorded at home during the long Winnipeg winter of 2003, playing and recording on all his own tracks, Clonage is a true testament to the talent and musicality of a truly gifted songwriter. You don’t want to miss this show because chances are good that BenWah won’t be sticking around for long.
Come early and catch everyone’s favourite math instructor, Marty Green, tickle the ivories and hum a few bars of some of life’s all-time greatest melodies.

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