Satchel & Co. to Rap 4 new Legs

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Thursday, March 17th Live @ Dregs (Corner of Osbourne & Wardlaw)

Foultone Records, 101.5UMFM and Terry Loxx present, Give People Your Money Jam

Satchel Paige (
Turn The Gun (
DJ Brace (Canadian DMC DJ Champ, Soundbarriers)
+ Guests

Come out and watch the grand extravaganza that has no time to be promoted but will be. Tell your friends. Tell Sam Katz and donít forget to tell Eldon Pokey Reddick. This is the show of shows. This show has no entrance fee. Itís a benefit for the Rehabilitation Centre for Children (RCC) Foundation. A cup will be passed around for your generous donations. No minimum (but give something). All the money goes to the foundation.

The Rehabilitation Centre for Children Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to helping Manitoba's children with disabilities (birth to age 18) and their families.

In short, things have to be bought and maintained at the centre. So, give money. As a double amputee Foultone Recordsí Satchel Paige (born Elliott Walsh) spent a lot of his youth in the centre learning how to use new prosthetic limbs for many years. He appreciated what was done for him and others so much that as a child he promised he would one day jog from Australia to Labrador. Realizing as an adult how difficult that would be he decided to take another route in order to help. This is it. Thanks for the time you took to read this message. This Is Not Being Thrown by THE RCCF- Satchel is Just Giving Money.

Contact is Elliott Walsh aka Satchel Paige (204) 779-0539

If youíd like to help in a more direct manner:
Rehabilitation Centre for Children Foundation
633 Wellington Crescent
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M 0A8
Phone: (204) 475-5073
Fax: (204) 453-5182
Fore more info on the centre and the foundation go to or

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