Mark at the Glesby Centre


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Mark Bannister had the pleasure of opening for MARIA's own Sam Baardman at the William Glesby Centre in Portage la Prairie on Saturday the 8 January 05. The Glesby Centre is featuring Manitoba artists in their "In the Mood" Concert Series and allowing an up and coming young performer to open for the headliner.
With introductions from CFRI's DJ Ray Hathaway, Mark started his set with "Been Here Before" followed by his melodic "Pile of Words" song. He introduced the audience to his newest works "It's All Right" and "Now That You're Gone" and ended his set with the lively tune "I'm Lovin' You", a song that you may have seen him perform on A-Channel's Big Breakfast. The audience was then treated to a short on-stage interview of Mark by Ray that allowed them to get to know Mark a little better. Mark summed it up by saying "What I'm doing right now is what I want to do, and make a living at it - playing music for audiences everywhere". Mark put on a great opening act befitting a great headliner - Sam Baardman who went on to put on a wonderfully entertaining show for the rest of the evening.

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