Criminal Records set to launch


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Criminal Records set to launch in Winnipeg by Canadian music industry duo.

This Canadian rock and roll duo has the perfect balance of book smarts and street smarts to really make this rock and roll dream of starting their own record label a reality. Criminal Records is the brainchild of Vince Gatti and Twyla Moktluk. Criminal Records realizes that rock and roll is still alive and well. Vince Gatti knows this best "The key is the songs. You can't loose focus of that. No amount of hype will make a shitty song good. That's why we're bringing in a brilliant song writer to balance off the team."

His career has spanned over 20 years and he has worked with all genres of music but his first love and passion is rock and roll. Now Vince is back in Winnipeg and ready to take the obvious next step, start his own record label. The industry veteran has literally seen and done it all and has been on both sides of the fence both as a musician and as a producer.

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