Sweet Spot Productions and JUST Artists present the JUST ART Showcase Series at the Dandelion Eatery!!!


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Haven't updated my MARIA profile for quite awhile. I've got a number of interesting things on the go and will keep you posted.

My life has been consumed with two projects as of late:

the JUST ART Showcase Series set to launch in February and...
JUST Community Market Co-op, a newly formed 'marketing' co-operative that will promote ethical food producers, artisans and businesses in Manitoba.

I will be promoting my eco-friendly ticketing services in 2007, so if you need tickets designed or want to sell tickets on-line or over the phone, please contact me to chat. I'm an independent business owner who is passionate about supporting local (and Canadian) artists with a focus on nurturing creative culture in way that respects people and the planet we live on.

Stay tuned in for more info about the above projects.

Later and don't forget to water your grassroots!!!

Sweet Spot Productions

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