New Songs, New Shows, and New... I don't know

By The Morning After

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So with the departure of guitarist Stan Unrau, The Morning After has had to make some new adjustments. In August Unrau decided to leave the group under amicable cicumstances, so the band was faced with some serious decisions to make. Replace Unrau? Disband? or suck it up and move on? With, keyboardist, Jon Carr picking up some of the guitar duties and singer/guitarist Jean-Guy Roy extending his own, The Morning After chose to carry on as a 4 piece. And have wasted no time in getting right to it. The band has been hard at work in their rehearsal space polishing the old songs and writing new ones. They have started doing some demo work on the new songs in they're home studio and will hope to have a new product out in the new year. But in the meantime audiences who will want to hear the new songs will have to settle for seeing The Morning After perform live where a couple of the new songs will be sure to be performed. The first chance will be during the WCMA's which are being held in Winnipeg this year on October 19 - 22. The Morning After is scheduled to perform at the Pyramid Cabaret October 21 for the XM satelite showcase. On November 3rd you can catch them at the Collective Cabaret for the Canadian University Press Convention which is being put on by the University of Manitoba with special guests All Of Your Friends. So please come out and support your local music scene.

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