East Meets West

By Paris To Kyiv

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Alexis Kochan of Paris To Kyiv is heading east as part of the City of Winnipeg’s delegation to Lviv, Ukraine this week. One of Winnipeg’s several “sister cities,” Lviv is celebrating is 750th birthday with festivities including music. Kochan will perform solo, leaving her usual band at home, and will also invite some local Ukrainian musicians to join her on stage to showcase her renowned interpretations of traditional Ukrainian music. The timing is fortuitous for Kochan, who was already planning a trip to Lviv - the city of her grandfather - to do research for an upcoming film she’s doing with Deco Dawson about her music. She will also be meeting up with the Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine, Abina Dann, who used Kochan’s music to familiarize herself with Ukrainian culture when she was first appointed ambassador. Kochan will also take the time to solidify a licensing agreement with Ukrainian Records which will see her music distributed to Ukraine, Russia, and Poland. Kochan points out that Ukraine is a new country trying to democratize and that the arts, something that Winnipeg is rich in, will play an important role in the shifting culture. She hopes that more cultural exchange will take place in the future.

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