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Good evening Mr. Biltmore, Tonight I have finally taken the opportunity to properly introduce myself to the luxuriant collection of songs entitled "Remote Control". That is to say that I have drifted along with your eloquent sounds, as one who lies with his eyes closed on an inflatable mattress and drifts within the borders of a natural lake or pool while lovely mermaids frolick in the clear and inviting depths below. Thank you for those mermaids, Mr. Biltmore! Your songs are poetry, word carvings in an electronic frame. For one man working alone, writing and performing all tracks by himself, this album represents a momumental and unlikely achievement. The countless days and nights of tortuous, perfecting labour that were drawn from your soul in order to deliver this charming firstborn are evident on every track. Your album, sir, is a very rich dessert, one which must be taken slowly, as one takes a chocolate mousse or a torte, so as to properly savour the layers of expression, meaning, and revelation contained therein! I wish you the best of luck in your career. Please don't stop with only one! Kind Regards from your fan in Vancouver, Adam Roslyn.

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