West Coast Rocks

By Jacob and Lily

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Hey everyone at home. We (Caleb & Karla) wanted to say a big hi to your frozen popsicles. As i enjoy a +15 degree day i want to take a second to thank each of you at home for encouraging us to tour, this is great!

Our tour has taken us on a 15 date trip out here in BC. It has been great! Thanks to our new and old friends we are out of cds and have ordered another 1000 copies!

See you in May, our travels head south.

Here are the brief motorhome (ghetto bus) details.

Day One, slept in motorhome in Regina without heaters, blizzard and -10 outside, i slept in a touque.
Day Two, took an extra 5 hours to travel from Regina to Calgary, due to massive windstorm, 70 km/hr, no internal heat, saw my breath all day. Ripped off both air conditioner covers and busted our TV antennae. Slept in -20 no heater again!
Day Three, drove through avalanche outside Revelstoke, BC still NO HEATER, -23
Day Four, fixed one heater!!!!! Did not sleep with layers or touque.
Day Five, slept in first of many parking lots, no toilet or water, at the risk of squatting asked for key to venue for emergency night time pee.
Day 7, traversed the Coquihalla, pure sand, we love sand!! Still no water, moderate heat!
Day 8, arrive in Lower Mainland, pouring rain forever and ever.
Day 15, $140 to take the motorhome over to the Island, ONE WAY!!! Just missed Dave & Brandy by one day ):
Day 16, Fridge breaks down, will cost $1000 to fix, rapid consumption of perishables.
Day 17, Garrett our new best friend fixes alternator belt, no more squealing, battery charges!! STILL NO WATER, MIDNIGHT PEES SUCK!!
Day 18, vicious cold rampages through the Jacob & Lily squad.
Day 19, back to mainland another $140!!!!!, FIxed what we thought was the water problem, only to find main tap faucet completly broken. Buy new tap, $115....ahhhhhhh, BUT visited grandma and grandpa, too much baking!!
Day 19, WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Day 21, sleep at a 35 degree incline, nearly sitting upright in my bed.
Day 25, play outside with Sampson in tee shirt

All things beautiful, we love you guys keep in touch!


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