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*---Show tonight (Feb. 24th) at Academy Bar and Grill 8:30pm---*

Spring is on its way and with that in mind the boys of the James Biltmore band are prepped and ready to play a string of shows around town in preparation for their first ever road trip this summer. The first record Remote Control has been well received so far and will be making its way to labels in Canada, Japan and the UK over the next few weeks. Already the boys have written the tracks for the next album which they will start recording in March of 07.

In the meantime, Kelsey Friesen the bands multi-instrumentalist has been remixing tracks from Remote Control to create a new singles EP reminiscent of singles put out by Depeche Mode, New Order and Electronic - really cool stuff.

Add to that the stellar remixes put together by Andrew Yankiwski of Precursor productions and you end up with dueling DJs fighting for audio supremecy. Andrew's remixes of Unhappy and the Criminal build on work done by the Pet Shop Boys and the Postal Service (Deathcab for Cutie side project) to create an ultra cool vibe that the band grooves on top of at live shows.

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