Battle of the Bands

By Kobalt

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We are presenting a Battle of the Bands May 31st, 2007 at The Park Theatre. The event is an all ages pop/rock genre competition.

The MC is Ryan McMahon who is an up and coming comedian [recently won a spot on a national contest]. The event will include a professional sound and light system, stage hands, and security.

Rather than have dead air in between bands, we are also having an amateur comedy contest during band break downs and set ups.

Bands and comedians will have the opportunity to have their acts professionally photographed and on DVD and an area to sell merch. Bands and comedians will be required to sign a contract indicating their understanding of the rules and format. Bands will be required to provide a bio and the three songs 7 days before the event.

Finally there will specific criteria for judging which will be provided to bands in writing.

We have one judge confirmed, Lloyd Peterson formally of Private Ear Studios. We would love to have you as a judge as well.

The event will be continually updated @ and advertised in the Uptown magazine, The Park, myspace, MARIA, and local music stores.

Come out and see the talent!! Phone 694-4178 for tix

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