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Quinzy 101' University Nights at the Academy is coming up megaquick, and it is important that everyone goes. Here's why. There will be free giveaways every night featuring merch from the wonderful acts playing with us, and some other goodies from the sponsers of the show. ALSO: Stamp cards will be issued at the door (on the 7th and 14th) and if you come to 3 of the 4 shows and get corresponding stamps on your card, you will receive 1 of 50 free homemade, hand-drawn, autographed CDs with 4 tracks from the new album and 1 never-before-released, never-will-be-released-again recording! Only the first 50 people to get 3 stamps will receive the disc, and one of the stamps must be from the final show, as that will be when the discs are given away.

- Speaking of the new album, it is going to be called 'One Boy's Guide to the Moon'. It will have all of these songs on it: Stampeder, Blank Flag, Polywater, You and This Terrible Place, The Steady Hand, Some Kind of Sign, These Nautical Miles, The Hum Keeps us Warm, Happy Tomorrow, GlassWing, One Boy's Guide to the Moon, From Saint Cloud and Her Scientologist.

- And here's who is playing with us for the University Nights at the Academy: November 7 - The Nods, November 14 - Ash Koley, November 21 - JP Hoe, November 28 - Sons of York.

- We're going into a studio to record a new Christmas-y song next week. It's called 'The Decemberwolf'.

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