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A very special thanks goes out to Jesse Green for being our Entrepreneur-of-the-Week and completing our questionnaire. Get an insider's look at what it takes to start up your own business. Jesse's insight and comments follow...

Aboriginal Youth Mean Business Profile: #3

Entrepreneur: Jesse Green, Producer
Business: StrongFront A/V Productions Inc.
Website: www.strongfront.tv
Specialty: Audio Visual Entertainment Productions

1. How did you become interested in becoming an entrepreneur?

I was always interested in music and being creative, so it just was a good fit when I delved into the video and sound business.

2. What are some advantages to owning your own business? What are some of the disadvantages?

Advantages are you love your job. Disadvantages are you work way too much because it is work you love.

3. Before you started this business, did you look at other

I worked many other jobs and in many other industries but I found out hard labour wasn't for me. So, I looked into pursing video, and fell into the right opportunities. I happened to be at the right place at the right time and made myself available to opportunities.

4. What were some of the obstacles that you faced in establishing and running your business during the first year?

Business people always wanted to see a business plan that was the main one. Then after that, it was the need for more contracts, more experience and more cash dollars for my business.

5. What supports did you access while setting up your business?

I was able to take advantage of the Self-Employment Program put on by the city and I was able to get paid by EI while I started and learned about running a business not something everyone has a chance to do.

6. How important was it to have a solid business plan when you were first starting out?

It was a definite necessity and I would not be able to operate without one not just for the banks, but for myself as well.

7. What is the biggest challenge that you will face in trying to grow your business over the next five years?

Managing the growth and accessing the manpower to grow and proceed with numerous projects.

8. What are the three most important qualities needed to be a
successful entrepreneur?

Time, patience and good mathematics. If time isn't applicable, I would say good management skills.

9. In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of starting up any
business in Manitoba?

Pros: In Manitoba there are many Aboriginal organizations. As an Aboriginal business, we thrive on the surrounding community and a large Aboriginal population is what helps us grow.

Cons: I'm an Ontario Treaty Indian and I run into border restrictions all the time. Other potential include obtaining financing.

10. Do you have any last words of advice to offer to aspiring young entrepreneurs?

Get educated about business and keep working hard that is the only thing that makes you different from the rest of the world. It's your baby and your time is the greatest investment.

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