JD Edwards Band in the Studio?

By The JD Edwards Band

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Yes sir! JD Edwards is recording his first full length album here in Winnipeg. With whom? You ask. With the formidable Mike Ormonde accompianing on electric guitar, Jesse Ives picking the bass, Troy Strattner slapping the skins and John Kiroac laying down the law with the reeds as only he knows. It's a brought together and recorded by Mike Wagner in his personal, in house, state-of-the-art, fine tuned studio in the heart of northend Winnipeg. The album plans to be finished soon. Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes to the sky watching for the next time JD Edwards is playing in your neck of the woods. It's cold out there indeed, but if you find yourself needing a place to escape too, then let the sweet sounds of JD Edwards warm you up, just right.
Visit www.myspace.com/thejdedwardsband for more details and music to listen to.

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