Kindness | Steve Bell's 16th Career CD | Release: February, 2011

By Steve Bell

Posted on

Winnipeg singer/songwriter has just released his 16th career album, KINDNESS.

Drawing heavily on the wealth of Winnipeg's vast storehouse of talent, KINDNESS features the the remarkable contributions of Ruth Moody, Gerry Atwell, Alana Levandoski, Alexa Dirks, Joey Landreth, Jodi King, Daniel Roi, Gilles Fournier, Murray Pulver, Diana Pops, The MacLean Brothers, James and the Giants, Keith and Renee and the Clearwater String Quartet.

Characteristically melodic and poetic, Steve's music flows from his faith roots, contemplative bent and social concern. KINDNESS is no exception and reveals the settled mastery of an artist who has remained committed to a "long obedience in the same direction."

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