Greg Arcade's Final Performance of 2014 and Marching Onward...

By Greg Arcade

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It's been a hot year in the circles surrounding Greg Arcade and his band. Cruising through the Manitoba Festival Circuit and pulling off a daring raid of shows in Eastern Canada, the boys and girl have been hard at work. When you participate in such a rigorous schedule, performing both solo, with his own band, and on Double Bass with the Reverend Rambler, grinding on stage and working through the night can do a number on any man's fantastic hairline; even Greg's.

Having released two of his own full-length albums Leaving Home Jukebox Summer, and being on board with the Reverend Rambler's album release, Winnipeg's wild man hasn't failed to add another swathe of content to the arts commuinty, even managing to sneak a few singles out as well.

With all this production though, it is time to lay back and do some maintenance. Greg will be performing his last performance of 2014 this October 18th at the Times Change(d) High & Lonesome Club with his full band Karli Colpitts, Sean Andert, Justin Schafer, & Toni Dylan with supporting act Trouser Mouth opening up the night.

Never fear, there will still be plenty to hear from Greg Arcade in meantime albeit more-so from a production standpoint. With new projects from singer songwriter Melanie Jane and a down-home Manitoba album from Country Legend Country SteveArcade's time will be occupied. His intention is polish his latest arsenal of compositions. "My writing has finally matured to a place where I don't feel the need to simply entertain the crowd and make them have a great time. I can just stand up there and masturbate like everyone else, except my material is strong enough to not put people to sleep," states Arcade. Further production with the Reverend Rambler is also slated, and the end of 2014 is going to be a spring just to fit it all in before the booking season heats up again.

In addition to the music side, Greg Arcade has begun his foray into film, and will continue to grow both sides of Golden Oak Record Co.'s branches. While there isn't much to say about this yet, it is an exciting direction for Winnipeg's art community, as Greg has been known to be more interested in following through and completing projects, than worrying about who is seeing a dollar for it in the end.

With all this said, you'd be better off dead than missing this show at The Times on October 18th. So hang the wire boys and give em hell, you'll be pulled off the line any day now.


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