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By Nathan Nasby

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November has laid down many new milestones for Nathan Nasby as an artist and producer.

Aside from the solo artist work Nathan continues to pursue, he is also a member of the duo group Blu Cedar which includes his bandmate, award winning singer/songwriter, Michelle Lockey.  Blu Cedar was formed in the early months of 2014 and the two began co-writing/producing a collection of Indie Folk music geared for film and t.v.  After writing 2 songs together it quickly became clear that the chemistry between both artists called for a deeper commitment to the music and the band.  The duo creates a rich yet intimate vocal harmony throughout their songs and draws from the traditional and contemporary Folk palette to create songs with an organic acoustic feel. 

The Band released their self titled debut Ep on November 20th and the album is currently available for digital download from Bandcamp @  and will be released on itunes within a few days.

November was an exciting month for Nathan and his bandmate Michelle.  They attended several key music conventions in L.A. Starting with the Honeypot and Billboards open house "Save The Date" convention and then following up with the 4 day road rally hosted by Taxi A & R.  Nathan and Michelle had the chance to perform together live for the first time at the Taxi road rally open mic.  Several days later they were invited along with fellow artists and friends Hellen Austin and Paul Otten of Big Little Lions, as guests on the weekly Taxi T.V. livecast.  They had a chance to be interviewed and do some live performing for host Michael Laskow and a live online audience.

Taking advantage of the weather and the breathtaking scenery of the L.A. coastline Blu Cedar decided to shoot a music video for one of the songs on their EP "I'll Be Your Shelter."  WIth a two day shooting schedule they visited several locations and had a lot of fun horsing around in the sun and sand of L.A.  The music video should be released in a few days. 

In other exciting news, Nathan continues to find success writing and producing for several top shelf film and t.v. libraries. He recently had several more songs signed as well as signing as an aritst with two new libraries.

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