Looking for Ensemble Members

By Jakub Marshall

Posted on

I am looking for musicians to help me start an ensemble that can play my music. Must be a relatively serious musician, however music school credentials are not required. I'm looking for a core group of a second keyboardist, bassist, and drummer, NO guitar or vocals (sorry). Then after that would accept extra instruments such as cello, violin, saxophone, etc. 

Must be both adept at reading music in a classical sense, and improvising creatively in a jazz/pop sense. I aim for this to be a collaborative experience, so even though I will be giving you scores to practice I am open to changes and creative input into the process. 

In my mind having this sort of music ensemble that is not run through a university is something that is missing from the manitoba music scene. I hope to be accessable enough to fit into established venues such as The Goodwill, Handsome Daughter, etc. but also out there enough to really challenge people and make them think about music! 

If interested please email me at jakubmarshall@hotmail.com

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