Youth Workshop Series - A Day in the Recording Studio JAN 19, 2019

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YOUTH WORKSHOP SERIES - A Day in the Recording Studio

This workshop is FREE to Youth Ages 16 to 21

Date: Saturday, January 19, 2019

Times: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Maximum Participants: 5

What's the difference between a Music Producer and an Audio Engineer?
How is a song recorded from start to finish?

If you’re curious about Music Production and want hands-on, in studio experience. spend a day with a MOSMA Audio Engineer as they conduct a recording session with a local artist. Learn about miking, digital recording, and collaborate with the artist as you mix their song.

Applicants must complete and submit the Youth Workshop Series Application found on our website at:

About the Youth Workshop Series MOSMA has the opportunity to contribute to the development of various arts programs and activities with secondary institution and in our community. Through this, we find many youth interested in audio production but don’t know about creative careers in the industry. Individuals who want to improve a basic musical skill they developed either at home or in secondary school, and who want to explore a more creative career after graduation.

We developed our Youth Workshop Series to offer a unique opportunity for young individuals to explore their interests in a professional environment. Allowing them to gain valuable insight and hands-on experience in various branches of audio such as Music Production, Sound for Film & Television, Live Sound Reinforcement, and Radio Production.

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