Celebrating 3 Year Anniversary

By Garrick Hotel

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During month of December 2015 Garrick Hotel celebrates 3 great years of being not just music but also an entertainment venue.

W'd like to thank everyone who came to the shows and enjoyed the venue, the ambiance, the vibe, the music. We needed to hear all the good things from you because we worked very hard for it and the good word never travel fast enough. We can honestly tell you that we never thought about “the money” it was always about putting on the best show for the audience and hopefully staying profitable as a business.

Of course big thank you goes out to all the performers (not just local but across Canada) who played at the Garrick Hotel and brought their friends here for the first time. Many great relationships and friendships have been established and some great music has been played over the last 3 years. Together we have added brand new chapter to over 100 year old building...and its one hell of a great chapter!

Somehow we always manage to move forward even when it looks like as good as it gets. So, without knowing exactly what the future holds we know there is something cool, exiting and unexpected in the horizon...

Thank you for all your support!

Management & Staff @ Garrick Hotel

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