Concert Review: Hearing Trees at Seven Dining Lounge, Vancouver BC

By Hearing Trees

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via Permanent Rain Press

"...all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba was the great Western Canadian rockstars Hearing Trees. The number of ears still listening began to diminish as people took their last sips and gave their final farewells, but that did not seem to do any damage to the band’s enthusiasm. Kyle Kunkel aggressively created boisterous beats on the drums while Jamieson Muir tirelessly swayed his luscious locks as he shredded down on his guitar. The sound paired perfectly with Graham Moon’s spirited, spoken-word style vocals accompanied by Seamus Hamilton-Pattison’s jolly bass and flamboyant hand gesturing. All remaining eyes were on them, with one particular song giving them everyone’s utmost full attention. “Origami Man,” their featured single from their current Western Canadian “Origami” Tour was a captivating masterpiece, filled with momentous lyrics, somber bass, powerful smashing drum hits and rolling, lengthy cymbals. The room became deeply wholehearted as the handful remaining went silent and simply listened… “When the sky cracks open, I do too.”"

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