The Help Wanteds dubut EP release.

By The Help Wanteds

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The Help Wanteds debut EP, "Now or Never", features original songs that combine rage and innocence into a roaring good time. On "Now or Never", guitarist/singer-songwriter Wanda Wilson is joined by the strong, steady beats of Colin Mantay on drums and Robert Sneep on his fierce, fretless stand up bass. The results are toe-tapping, with a splash or rock and grungy guitar.

The Help Wanteds was founded in 2008. It features Wanda's unique garden punk songs and eclectic covers. The results are a high-energy sound, fundamentally frank and always surprizing. With performances as far north as Thompson, Manitoba, and as far south as Arizona, east to Montreal and west through to Vancouver, Wilson's talent has been described as raw and edgy with a smidgen of sweet.

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