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WHAT’S THE RUSH? Tracy K (independent) ***** +

Some of my favourite music- Neil Young, The Guess Who, Big Dave McLean- comes from Winnipeg, and you can add Tracy K to that list. What’s The Rush, her 4th album, is a rough and tumble blues record that hits all the right notes.

“This project began a long time ago but really, what’s the rush?” Tracy jokes. “I started recording some recent originals in 2015… and what started out as a demo morphed into an e.p. and grew into an album.  Winnipeg has a stellar artistic community, and there are some fantastic players on this record.”  Sounds like she just felt like making some music and ended up in the promised land.

What’s The Rush has grit and soul and is rough around the edges in just the right places.  As a singer Tracy is like Bonnie Raitt and Koko Taylor, and she blows some of the best blues harp this side of Little Walter.  Production at Winnipeg’s award winning Bedside Studios by Len Milne is perfect- rowdy, deep and intimate.  Throwing this on is like walking into the middle of the best party ever. Stunning.

ESSENTIALS:  Done Gone Wrong, Everybody Wants, I’m Guilty



Le Zicazine: She is usually compared to Bonnie Raitt and Koko Taylor for the power and richness of her voice but is also a harmonica player of the highest order and time to think about her fourth personal effort, is calling the cream of the scene in Winnipeg, city, she embarked on an exercise in composition and interpretation particularly interesting. Alongside Tracy K, and noted guitarists Jason Nowicki, Terry Barnett, Jamie Steinhoff and Tony Desmarteau, bassists Vaughan Poyser and Nenad Zdjelar, drummers George Demeduk and Ty Rogers and finally Leonard Shaw posing on keyboards and brass, the talented singer / songwriter endeavoring to find best way to be certain that this album halfway between the small and large LP is as close as possible to perfection. Navigating between folk blues, pure juice blues and blues that is tinged pop intelligently, Tracy K pulls no punches and tells us the color without being asked, revealing a pace not supported under seven solo compositions securely tied before closing the door with a polished resume "I'm Guilty" by Randy Newman. Leaving her harmonicas speak to great effect on half the tracks, Tracy K managed the feat to shine in turn to her voice, to her game, or for both, and it is following the road of "Everybody Wants," "I Got the Honey", "Done Gone Wrong" and other "Time machine" that one is persuaded by an artist full and complete sincerity, a singer who does not cheat and that hesitates not a second to get in trouble when it becomes necessary to force a little on the treble or even outright on power. It follows a course talent tinged album, but above all passion and that's probably what makes it real value! Manitoba has found his lady blues and it is with pride that Tracy K assumes its role ...     



The album 'What's The Rush? 'Is already the fourth album by Canadian blues singer Tracy K of Winnipeg.The eight songs on the album they are a strong unit. We hear on the album blues, rock, soul and even a touch of jazz. Seven of the songs on the album were written by the singer herself. Endorses once again that Tracy K of many markets home, next to her beautiful voice, she is also a gifted harmonica player.

From the first moment the fun splash on the music of Tracy K. It is easy to understand that Tracy K already large and loyal fan base has built in her home country.

As for me also follows Europe and the rest of the world very soon.



To the Canadian colonies now for some rhythm and blues courtesy of Tracy K who has been making music for over thirty years.  So you’d hope she had the hang of it by now.  It’s only her fourth album in all that time but it is a good one.

She errs on the mellow side of the blues and it’s the sort of thing that Bonnie Raitt used to do.  Which is a good thing.  There’s only eight tracks here but I’d rather have quality than a CD stuffed full of filler so this works a treat.  She has a very listenable voice and there is an insistent groove to her music that works really well.

She can also blow a mean moothie (that’s harmonica for any furriners who’ve popped in) and with some excellent musicians joining in songs like “I Got The Honey”, “Heartstrung” and “Indigo Heart” are real treats.  I could have lived without the sole Randy Newman cover but overall this is an album well worth tuning in to.



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It is remarkable how you may be affected by the cover of an album. Take the 4th studio album this coming from Winnipeg Tracy K. On the picture you see a woman quietly enjoying the scenery with acoustic guitar and an equally quiet dog but then ... Perhaps we should first look at the cooperating artists and then was definitely fixed noticed the name of Jason Nowicki and when you submit the link to Winnipeg you'll soon off to the Perpetrators and you know there's quality you're coming down.

With some browsing through the Canadian blues scene we already know that we are dealing with an extremely strong musician. A voice that can make it rock but also took over very soulful. Add to this that they have this eight-song album is 7 wrote and you know that this award-winning singer-songwriter and harmonica player of all trades.

Open they do in the spirit of Lester Butler with the rousing "Everybody Wants", a steamy boogie. With "I Got The Honey 'she perceives a little slow down Delta slide as main ingredient. 'What Tomorrow Brings' is again a very soulful slowbluesje to enjoy, a number that the title of the album lives up to. Also in that same spirit, we find the beautiful 'Done Gone Wrong'.

With the closing track 'Guilty' we know again why the acoustic guitar does play here and if we get this Tracy K is a very varied and strong blues album and because we do not hurry we express calmly replay!


Concert Monkey


Tracy K opens her new album 'What's The Rush' in spectacular fashion with "Everybody Wants". Tracy takes herself outside the vocals also the harmonica and puts her heart and soul into that instrument. Jason Nowicki is constant and explicitly present with blistering guitar work and with George Demeduk on drums and bass Vaughan Poyser a rhythm section where you can build a rock. "Everybody Wants" is a superb introduction to the album. The slide sounds coming from the dobro Jamie 'Snakeman' Steinhoff, form the basis of the Delta blues song 'I Got The Honey'. The raw voice of Tracy comes here very good to her right. Tracy all-rounder as songwriter can be heard in the very beautiful soulful ballad "What Tomorrow Brings". Leonard Show with the warm tones of his organ and Jason shines once again on the razor-sharp guitar riffs, which really contrasts with the warm, fragile voice of Tracy. With "Done Gone Wrong" Tracy confirms that she a strong voice, and the phenomenal job on the keys of Leonard "Lewsh" Shaw, the ripping guitar of Jason Nowicki and the searing blow and suction work of Tracy on her blues harp that lift the number to a very high level. Great song and it would not surprise me that Tracy with this 'Done Gone Wrong' would get lots of airplay on some radio stations. The poppy-ballad 'Indigo Heart' may not please all, fortunately there is a very beautiful melodic solo by Terry Barnett still is still worth the number. Guitarist Tony DesMarteau Tracy wrote the music and the text for the jazz song "Time Machine", which also bring them closer to their two. The afsluiter'I'm Guilty 'is a real gem and it is not only the merit of Tracy. Randy Newman his share there at least as great in, for he wrote this very strong song that has been covered countless times. You remember certainly the version of Bonnie Raitt yet. Tracy keeps sober in its version, with only the acoustic guitar of Jamie Steinhoff as guidance. The singer impresses with her hoarse voice and her restrained work on her harmonica. Tracy does not have to rush for me when every time such a wonderful album "What's The Rush 'delivers. (8/10) - Concert Monkey, reviewed by Walter Vanheuckelom 



The cover makes you think folkie or Rory Block, the sound makes you think rocker.  A proponent of the Winnipeg music scene, this hard driver has no aspirations to be Janis or Bonnie Raitt, she’s simply a blues rocking babe that knows how to bring the awards home.  With her closest neighbors probably being ten miles away, there’s nothing to stop her from tearing the roof off the barn and honing her racket as loud and proud as she wants.  Smoking stuff from a super guitar slinger that knows how to bring the heat.



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Because of her busy calendar around yet the Canadian Tracy K was hapy a little time to look into her fourth album. Her career was in 2007 actually put on track by winning the release of her second album 'Old, New, Borrowed & Blues "to continue with the acoustic album" Canned Heat "in 2011. Two years ago, Tracy was the only Canadian company on Ruf Records Blues Harp Woman 'compilation album and the release' Keeping the Blues Alive: Volume Six, "which was gereleaset for Mary4Music. Tracy also twice won the regional competition to represent Thunder Bay at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee. On her latest offering 'What's The Rush' Tracy was backing into the Bedside Studio 'who's who's' in the Winnipeg music scene. The magic of the story translated into a demo, which grew into an EP, which in turn, resulted in the eight-track album. Tracy K again effortlessly delivers a mood full 'and melodic radio play and is blessed with a heavenly beautiful and lovely voice. With a certain brute force she tempers her timbre with a presumptive vulnerability. Here she is also a very talented harp virtuoso who thus perfectly approves its own compositions. The album opens with the boogie rhythm of "Everybody Wants". Tracy's harp arrangements run smoothly right into Jason Nowick guitar riffs and Leonard Lewsh 'Shaw keyboard tones. In pleasant divergence is then the acoustic 'I Got The Honey "where Jamie' Snakeman 'Steinhoff's dobro guitar is the reason for you to explore the Mississippi Delta Plain. The postmoderne 'What Tomorrow Brings "leads us with his typerende tunes to New Orleans, the handsome' Heartstrung 'and the emotional ballad" Done Gone Wrong' and 'Indigo Heart' are absolute highlights. The jazzy electrified Time Machine with its minimalist cast of Tony DesMarteau on guitar and Tracy's voice next culmination. And then the final 'I'm Guilty "original Randy Newman needs and that creaks like an old faithful LP, still pass by. The magical moment would not budge. As an avid blues fan we print a quick visit here on replay!





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