Album deals and working with Grammy Winning Engineer!

By Nathan Nasby

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2017 has been a landmark year for Nathan with a variety of exciting deals coming in throughout the year. 

Most notably was getting signed with Megatrax at the beginning of the year and having the opportunity to work with Grammy award winning engineer and multi platinum producer Isha Erskine.  Nathan and Isha first crossed paths in 2015 but it wouldn't be until 2016, while working on a similar project, that they would have their first opportunity to collaborate.  Their first song "Falling Down" would launch them into developing their iconic sound, blending styles in a fusion of industrial trap and hip/hop. They each draw from their strengths as individual artists and this combination has truly created a powerful sum greater than its parts. Calling themselves NDSTL, a play off of the word Industrial, their name is an apt description of their style. Gritty lyric themes that cover topics from standing alone, to brotherhood, to the dark corners of an unhinged mind. Nathan plunges deep into the cracks of the human condition to explore topics that resonate and fit well in the themes of modern life and drama. The lyrics are paired well with Nathan's emotive vocal performance that lift ever word from the page in compelling suspension.  The productions that Isha creates are reflective of the industry recognition he has garnered. Lush arrangements and soundscapes that are punctuated by dramatic and hard hitting bass and percussion.  Every note is created with methodical precision yet underscored by a sensibility to the chaos that allows each song to develop the tension and lift needed to be truly compelling.  NDSTL's album is in the hands of marketting and promotion gurus at Megatrax and will be included in their A-list catalog in the near future.

Cypher Music, UK based music publisher, is poised to release a new Industrial/Metal album that features a host of songs featuring Nathan's work.  7 of the 12 songs have lyrics, top line and vocals written and performed by Nathan.  Though Nathan is often identified as having a softer ballad style singer/songwriter voice, this album displays his versatility as a vocalist and writter. The hard hitting album was written for the film, tv, and gaming markets and covers themes and topics that resonate well in the genre it represents.  Cypher has released a teaser montage that can be listen to on soundcloud. Songs featuring Nathan's lyrics and vocals include : "Future Sins", "Slow Walk Through Hell", "Come Out", "Within Us All", "Night That Never Ends", "Ice" and "Dance Little Puppet".

Nathan continues to expand his music catalog to international markets.  2017 saw Nathan sign with a new publisher based out of Germany.  The company boast international distribution with some of the largest players in the entertainment industry.  He was contracted to produce an album with 10 songs which he completed and handed in over the month of October 2017.  This new deal has opened up a door for future work with the publisher and more albums are currently in production for the 2017/2018 seasons.

Nathan has finally announced his plans to release a new album to coincide with his showcase tour dates in spring 2018.  With a working title of "Whole Lotta Love", the album is still early on in the production stage, but a lot of the songs are coming together into their final form.  Nathan will feature the new music in shows currently being booked for the 2018 tour season.

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