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Experimental multi-media collective known as Sine Language has found some success even before they knew they were forming a band. Jeff Bergman and Tim Connell were finishing the soundtrack for a short video that Tim had directed and there was no desire to stop working together.
    “Something just clicked.” Jeff recalls, about the experience of working with his Wolseley neighbor.  “The next thing we knew, we had dived down a deep hole.”  The video, (Nudiustertia) a short, nightmarish ride into the very strange was just the tip of the iceberg for Sine Language.  “We found this interesting intersection of pure, mathematics and ratios in music in Kepler’s Harmonices.”  And it turns out, they weren’t the only one’s who thought it was interesting.  
    Jen Smith, Distribution Coordinator for Video Pool thought the completed work was worth taking a chance on.  “Video Pool decided to partner with Sine Language on this project, because it sounds like a soundtrack.”  Video Pool is a nonprofit artist-run center dedicated to video, audio, and multi-media production.  Jeff and Tim couldn’t be happier. 
    The song in question is called Harmonices Revoco. It is based on the calculations of planetary orbital eccentricities and their near perfect representations of musical interval or harmony.  Johannes Kepler purposed this theory in 1619.  The result is a deeply resonant and haunting 25-minute meditation.  
 As for the would-be band...  “We’re almost done moving all the synths into the studio, now that we have a space.” “We are truly at the beginning, but this gave us a huge boost.” Tim said.  
So why the masks?  “Sine Language is a collective, it will always be inclusive of all types of musicians and music.  Because we are interested in soundtracks and sound art, the sky’s the limit for the scope of the work.  Winnipeg is loaded with a huge amount of multicultural talent and we will continue to partner with our peers and fellow artists in the most equal and diverse ways possible. Therefore, the artists IN Sine Language or working in Sine Language will be equal and as anonymous as possible and let the works speak for themselves.”


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