Long-awaited dreams are coming true for local Pop, R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter YVANNE as she releases her debut single.

By Yvanne

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Local Pop, R&B/Soul Singer-Songwriter Yvanne has been jotting down lyrics and humming catchy tunes for as long as she can remember. She’s always dreamed of someday releasing her songs to the public - that time has finally come.

‘My Heart is Home’ is Yvanne’s first single (released June 21, 2018). This catchy, feel-good track is the perfect debut to launching Yvanne into her music career. “I want my first song to be reflective of who I am and what I hope for the world: joy, positivity, and love.” (Yvanne)

Yvanne wrote this song while living in Toronto studying music back in 2016. The early stages of production was done at Orange Lounge Studios where famous artists like Justin Bieber and Madonna also recorded their hit songs. The final production was completed back home in Winnipeg - where the dream began - with Producer Maurel ‘Maui’ Zamora of MP Studium. “It’s been quite the journey with this song. I literally brought it on the plane with me from Toronto to Winnipeg!” (Yvanne)

Yvanne has an entire catalogue of original music in queue for visioning, production and release. She guarantees that ‘My Heart is Home’ is simply the start and she is ready to share the rest of her songs with the world. 

‘My Heart is Home’ is now available for purchase and/or download across all major online music services such as iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

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