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Sine Language wins prestigious MiMo International Film Festival for their
original soundtrack submission, Harmonices Revoco. The Milan Mobile Film
Festival - MiMo- received 1472 submissions from 105 countries competing in
nine categories including Film and Shorts, Animation, Documentary and
Harmonices Revoco is Sine Language's 25 minute opus and the MiMo Film
Festival's Best Soundtrack winner. "We are interested in the relationship
between film and music." Sine Language has reached around the globe to
find venues and opportunities to bring their work to audiences and connect
with other artists. "We seem to have our most success outside Winnipeg,
outside of Canada." As the industry changes with the pace of technology,
artistic voices continue to experience challenges getting their art to those who
appreciate it most. "The piece was eligible because it was made entirely of
VST's on a laptop and put together with Ableton."
The group continues to hone their tone for their debut release due in 2019.
SEE and HEAR Google: “Harmonices Revoco” or contact the group:

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