New Release! The Indestructible Orchestra's "Anhelo"

By The Indestructible Orchestra

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The Indestructible Orchestra just released its new single called "Anhelo".  A Spanish word for "longing" the tune is a homage to the Bolero tradition.  A bolero tune hast to make you love, long for someone who is gone, love again by spite or maybe just forget.  and it has to make you dance!

Not an easy task when there is countless classics in the genre.  But this recording shows the time the band took to undertake the challenge and craft evocative melodies, a trumpet solo that can take listeners to any of those places love and hate can take you, and of course the signature groove of the bolero rhythm.

Ahelo's lyrics and music were written and arranged by Jaime Chinchilla who also engineered (recording and mixing) while the mastering was done at Precursor by Andrew Yankiwski.  Pure Manitoba talent.  The songs feature the traditional Latin American Rhythm section (timbales, congas, and bongo), a brass section and the powerful but terse vocal of Daniel Avilan.

The making of the song was possible because of the generous support of Manitoba Film and Music.  Enjoy and make sure to find someone to dance.


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