Hip-Hop Artist TRU BLU Releases first Major Single - THICK n' THIN!


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After 5 years of creating, the 21-Year old from Winnipeg has made his first release onto Major Streaming Platforms.

The young artist continues to find his niche sound-wise, and plans on releasing 3 projects before the end of 2019. 

TRU BLU, a.k.a. Ben Little says his 3 projects (EPs) will be released exclusively on non-profit streaming platforms. 

That being said, 'THICK n' THIN' is the first of 5 singles he intends to release on major platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, TIdal, etc.) before the end of 2019.

To listen to up-and-coming RAP Artist TRU BLU's first major release, click the link below!


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