Debut performance of a new band from Paige Drobot

By Paige Drobot

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   Paige Drobot is no stranger to Winnipeg venues. She has stayed busy performing in a wide variety of local bands, since moving to the city in 2011.  
   She has performed with The Psychics,  Marshall and Some Buddies, The Vangoras, Ex Modern Teen, Steve Keys Band, black-eyed SUZIE, experimental improvisation/free jazz groups,   made appearances with M&M Meats and Beefdonut,   and has done numerous tribute acts including Queens of Noise (as Lita Ford in a tribute to the Runaways), Iggy Pop in a Stooges tribute, Hole,  Frank Zappa , David Bowie,  Black Sabbath(as Ozzy) , Burton Cummings, Funkadelic, and Daniel Johnston. 
   As she prepares to release her debut solo effort, an EP on the Transistor 66 label,  Paige has created a brand new group to play the music from that recording (as well as other new music). 
  This new band includes a bunch of her friends who also like to play a lot.  Marshall Birch  (The Unbelievable Bargains, Marshall and Some Buddies, Lodged Turd and the Toilet Hands), Ian Powell  (Amadians, The Love Tongues, Speed Demon) ,  Adam Cherpako (Confuschia, Sweet Lou), and Derek Cherpako (Confuschia, Sweet Lou, Grotoko). 

Check out the debut performance at Real Love Thursday, March 7th at The Handsome Daughter. Opening for locals Holy Void and J. Blissette from Lethbridge, AB.
doors at 9:45 show at 10:15 

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