"Zero Thought" debut EP from Paige Drobot on Transistor 66 Records

By Paige Drobot

Posted on

     JUNE, 7th , 2019    is the release date for the debut EP from Winnipeg's  Paige Drobot.      The Transistor 66 Records artist has been playing live, and recording music,  with Winnipeg musicians of many different genres ( The Psychics, The Vangoras, Steve Keys, Marshall Birch, Ex Modern Teen, Joanne Pollock, etc)  for years, but "Zero Thought" is her 1st self-titled effort. 

Paige has a full band ready for the Zero Thought CD Release Party at The Cavern , Friday, June 7th, 2019 at 10pm.  With Man Candy and Ponemah.  $10 



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