Matt Cory's Day of Reckoning arrives shortly after Debut EP

By Matt Cory

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Coming off the release of his debut EP, Scars on the Ceiling, Matt Cory still has plenty of angst, spite, hooks and melodies through his hardrock driven sophomore EP, Day of Reckoning. From the epic drum and synth opener Silence is Broken that sounds like the lovechild of Metallica circa 1991 and latter day Gary Numan to Alice in Chains inspired slow chugger closing track Breathing Alone, the DIY artist shows growth and promise. 

"This EP was the most challenging I've made yet, I dealt with many personal issues that I had buried for the past 5 years through the writing of Day of Reckoning" says Cory. "It was tough to get back into that headspace, I didn't want to make a dark EP, I wanted it to feel more reflective and honest of who I am as a person and not just an artist.  Once it was completed it felt as if a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders, it was an incredible feeling.”

Day of Reckoning is meant to be a reflection of 20-somethings that have gone through the bumpy early stages of adulthood, or as Cory has called it "the quarter-life crisis". Day of Reckoning's lyrics deal with loss, love, anger and trying to grow and become a better person. 

Day of Reckoning sores with harmonies and more dynamic guitar lines compared to Scars on the Ceiling. Borrowing the Nirvana technique of quiet verses and loud choruses, Day of Reckoning is a must listen for any casual hard rocker looking for something to listen to while they go deep into thought about their own lives.

You can listen to Day of Reckoning through various streaming platforms available here: 


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