Tommy Douglas Keenan has a new name and a new band

By Tommy Douglas Keenan

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Tommy Douglas Keenan used to be called Tom Keenan. He still is, in some situations. But not here, folks. Sometimes a change is needed. Sometimes more than one.

He has also assembled a fetching group of Winnipeg luminaries to accompany him this summer and beyond. Heather Thomas sings and plays keys, Charlotte Friesen sings and plays bass and electric guitar, and Luke Janzen sings and plays drums and percussion.

TDK knows what you're thinking: "that's Atlaas. That's literally Atlaas." And while he takes mild exception to your dubious use of the word 'literally,' he must confess that you are otherwise correct. And why the hell not: they're amazing.

See you at Rainbow Trout!

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