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One of the most enduring and successful is The 12/21—the so-called band of three brothers that was formed as early as 2006, consisting of Roman Maceda (vocal/guitar) and his twin brothers, Rico (bass/vocals) and Roque (drums). A couple of years ago, the trio, whose music may be described as a blend of Pop Punk and Alternative Rock (certain points of references include The Ramones, Green Day, blink-182, The Cars, and The Romantics), released their first EP. Armed with this original music, The 12/21 has performed prolifically not only within Winnipeg’s Filipino community but also back in the Philippines during certain occasions as well as representing Filipino-Canadian to many Canadian Rock festivals, giving the brothers the opportunity to play in other provinces and alongside other young and even veteran Canadian Rock bands.

Now, The 12/21’s followup to its debut is forthcoming. Titled Hello Yellow, The 12/21’s second EP will be officially available digitally on Spotify and Apple Music on October 4. Come October 18, the power trio is set to launch the album’s CD format with a performance at The Royal Albert (48 Albert St., in Downtown Winnipeg).

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