Bluebloods releases new music video "Postcard from a Quarantined Miner in Flin Flon" with Courtney Devon


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Watch the music video for Postcard from a Quarantined Miner in Flin Flon here
Listen to the song on Spotify here

Praise for Postcard: 

Exquisite… almost impossible to forget”
–Indie Criollo

“A slow burn that only has one problem. It ends.”
-Secret Eclectic

“This is art. This is epic.”

“Hauntingly beautiful”
–Music Crowns

“Outstanding… It really is like nothing I’ve heard before.”
-York Calling

-Roadie Music

“Intoxicating… joyous.”
-Central Sauce


A pandemic couched in global political unrest. Does that better describe the events of 1918-19 or 2020-21?

Bluebloods’ latest music video is set against an historically ambiguous backdrop that could just as easily represent either century. But at its heart it's a love story. It revolves around isolated Flin Flon miner, Louise, as she pens a letter to her Winnipeg-based partner, Abe, while the world around them unravels. Postcard explores parallels between the crises of today and yesteryear, and how Manitobans living in communities like Flin Flon and Winnipeg have experienced them. It's also a dreamy love song about the fantasies and yearnings of people trying desperately to stay together - even while history and fate conspire to keep them apart, perhaps forever.

Featuring the work of animator Ben Clarkson, performers Courtney Devon and Avis Penner, designer Damon Hayes Couture, cinematographer Jen Doersken, dancer Madi Dueck, lighting designer Cari Simpson, co-producer Sally Sweatman and others.

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