Katelyn Dawn’s New Single ‘The Rearview’ Is Out May 14th!

By Katelyn Dawn

Posted on

My new single is special to me because it's so personal, and it marks my first music release since 2012! I recorded the vocals in my new recording studio. The Rearview is about a breakup that happened because I realized I needed to move back home to live near my family. At the time I was living in Toronto and dating a guy I thought was the one.

The breakups that happen because of circumstances outside of your relationship and not because of the relationship itself are so brutal. That is the worst heartache. And over the years I've thought about him from time to time. I look back at who I was when we were together, and what that relationship meant to me. It makes me smile. He was a great part of my life, and I hope he is so happy now.

I think a lot of us have that person in our past and I hope you see your own story in this song, and you're able to send some love out into the universe for that old special someone.

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