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From an early age, Jayda Charisse often pretended as though she were performing live on stage, putting on shows for anyone who would watch. At eight years old, she had written her first song. Then on, she acquired a great interest in music composition and developing lyrical skills. In grade four, Jayda won a competition throughout the Hanover School Division to play with The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Being the first major appearance on stage, it further enhanced her desire to pursue a musical career.

Growing up in Jamaica, there were many creative influences, especially in the Hamilton family. Parents Neville and Carol Hamilton were well-known musicians in their hometown, who played for many years with various bands. The two later formed a family band known as the Yaadies. in which, Jayda is a pianist and lead vocalist. The Yaadies have played at multiple Steinbach festivals, church events, as well as in and around Winnipeg.

Jayda started recording music during the summer of 2019 since then has released three songs: 'Young Forever, Special, and My Time.' Available on YouTube. To date, she continues to work in and out of the studio, with more originals to be released soon.

Yaad Vibes Promotions is absolutely proud to be wings behind this artist as we aid her through the journey of her musical career.

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