Entertainment Blockages with Covid-19

By Yaad Vibes Promotions

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Ever since the start of the pandemic, it has been a challenge, to say the least to organize shows and events. Yes covid has been challenging for all, we agree, but it has also opened up many opportunities to allow ideas that were once deemed impossible. you no longer need to physically be available to accomplish many tasks to maintain the fluidity of success within major corporations.

How has covid helped entertainment:

Well, it has opened other doors of opportunity of appreciation for live streamed events, for example in this part of the world semi lock downs is still a major part of our lives. people are looking forward to feeling like they can get away more than ever before and right now live streamed events have been playing a key role in that. The importance of the entertainment industry is now being more appreciated in a sense. The urge to one day be able to physically see live events again and enjoy the overall experience as a collective still seems far out of reach, so in a sense live streamed events bring a sense of hope.

How has covid hindered entertainment:

Well in order to provide different variations of entertainment, you know have literally be on your toes and be extra prepare for anything that could potentially shut you down. This can be stressful as there is always a sense of worry as to will we be allowed to actually do this and what happens if something comes up that makes it financially impossible to make it work? There just a high level of uncertainty for such a long-extended amount of time and it takes it’s toll after awhile.

Plans for the future:

As a promotional company for events and artist, we plan to do whatever we can to maintain visibility and public awareness. We believe that it is important to continue to push forward despite the challenges and to continue to work hard as well. Failure isn’t an option, so we don’t dwell on it.

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