Meet R'hango (New Country Artist Alert!)

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We are so excited to have the opportunity to be working with such a talented and well seasoned artist that has finally decided to pursue a career within the music industry. 

R’hango is a muliti-talented and diverse musician/artist that has performed alongside artists such as Singing Melody, Glenn Washington, Richy Spice, Ninja Diamond and has influenced many young musicians who have furthered their musical career and have progressed to play for many other prominent artists within the industry such as Alborosie, Shengen Clan Band, Chronixx, Classic Overdrive, Small Town Limits, and many more.

It is only recently that R’hango has decided to embark on one of his most unusually hidden skill of being a country singer/song writer after being apart of the music industry in some capacity for over 30 years. Coming from the island of Jamaica, it is extremely unusual to see or hear of a country Jamaican artist, but he decided to defy all odds and finally show the world one of his best most kept secret talents after all these years. His play on words not only keep you well entertained but paint a very detailed picture and story of when island culture clashes with western country lifestyle.

While still wanting to maintain his overall privacy, which is made clear by the limited details available about him, R’hango still pursues his love for music and hopes to share with the world another spin of what a country singer can bring to the table.

R'hango's newest single, Love To A Country Girl, drops this friday (January 21, 2022). it is a wonderful introduction forthis artist transition into a musical career. Be sure to click here to be one of the first to enjoy this amazing track!

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