By Barbara Joy

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Barbara Joy is pleased to announcement that her new album Seasons is being released June 2022.

Jordan Jackiew for Tailored Recordings is the producer/engineer/musician along with Eli Bennett being part of the engineering team for Stille Nacht, Silent Night.  Guest artists featured are Sharalee Smith, Rosemary Siemens and Dave Miller. Robert Landreth has done a fabulous job on the artwork, layout and design for this album Seasons.

The album has several songs that are co-writes. Sharalee Smith and Barbara do a cowrite/collaboration for Joy In All Seasons and also vocal collaborations for The Garden and Found Our Home. Allison Lynn and Gerald Flemming are cowriters for Found Our Home and Allison and Barbara are cowriters for My Freedom.   The album is available on Spotify, Apple Music and itunes as of June 17, 2022.  Physical copies are also available. Enjoy the new music!









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