New Single "Off My Face" out March 3rd, 2023

By Played The Fool

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Following the release of the first single "Hourglass" 

"Off My Face" is my personal favorite from this new EP "Wasting In The Sun" (out March 31st) 

This may have started out as a self depricating tune I used to play acoustically in the bathroom by myself but to me it's the most musically mature song on the album. It's also the last song that was written for this project and I'm really proud of it. 

"F**k it I'll get wasted off my face/cause I don't wanna be here/anymore

Just a little taste until I fade/cause I dont' wanna be here/anymore"

I grew up on the reserve watching an alcoholic in my house. I honestly never thought I would ever become one but I did. I think alot of people did during lockdown of 2020 - when it was written. This didn't start in 2020 though, 2020 was just the breaking point.

I really got no shame in sharing these feelings to the world, I don't think it's necessary to pull punches. I might not feel the same anymore as I did making this project but I did capture this moment of honesty in time

If you don't face your demons, you will never fight them. I did what I had to do and sobered up but It took alot of tries. I was on 20mg Escitalopram (Lexpro) a day for my depression/anxiety from all the partying. All the partying lead to alot of hangovers which put me in a state of constant worry. I still battle anxiety and depression to this day. 

Inspired by David Goggins, I started running/jogging 5 to 10 kilometers a day. You wake up and don't want to do it but about halfway through the run you're giving yourself mental pats on the back for going out there and trying. I stopped taking my medication after a while and have been off of it for almostt 3 years now. 

I teamed up with Skye Spence for the music video - one of the founding members of NSTY.CA - a company that has been on my radar since 2020. I just love their asthetic and I was excited to work with him. He also took the album cover photo as well.

You can go to and sign up to my Email list to be first to access it once it becomes availble via YouTube

Presave link -

I'd like to thank everyone that has been supprtive of me from the beginning.This entire rollout has not been funded by any grants or donations, which is why it took me so long to release anything since 2020's "Healthy Boundaries"

Someday I would like to get a grant though but I'm hoping that doing this all on my own will be a step in the right direction. 

Music Mixed by Derek Benajmin at Derek Benjamin Music (Winnipeg) 

Mastered by Joe Carra at Crystal Mastering (Australia) 

Single Artwork by Gage Jennings (United States)

Album Cover by Skye Spence (Winnipeg) 

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