debut album n e u r o s h o c k : The Reactance Bias releases on December 1, 2023

By neuroshock

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The Bandcamp release of the debut album by neuroshock comes on December 1, 2023 to coincide with their Bandcamp Friday campaign, which provides artists with a much larger portion of the sales profits.

Described as an uniquely atmospheric album of dark wave/ electronic/ industrial music that speaks of oppression, dystopia, nihilism, breaking points, emotional abuse, toxic narcissism, and anger at the game of the system.   The album features 11 tracks, and the release date of December 1 will include the YouTube premiere of the video for the song Trash Head, which is the album closing track.

n e u r o s h o c k  is the solo Winnipeg based music project by ben rüsch, an award winning musician (Excelsior 2023).

At 56 years of age, Rüsch feels like finally he is pursuing his lifelong dream, to create synthesizer based music that is forged by the influences of darkwave and industrial genres, after spending decades has the stalwart drummer for local progressive rock trio, PROVIDENCE which had completed its debut album, The Demon Haunted World, right at the opening moments of the pandemic lockdown.  

All instruments, keyboards, percussion and programming by ben rüsch

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