"Dream lil dream with DREAMER"

By Ingrid D. Johnson

Posted on

On November.4,2023, sixteen days before her birthday, local singer-songwriter Ingrid D. Johnson released her fifth studio album, DREAMER. The album features nine tracks recorded and mixed at Exchange District Studios in Winnipeg by Grant Trippel, with one track recorded and mixed at Number 9 Studios in Toronto.

Johnson started the project during the pandemic, and after receiving some financial support from the Winnipeg and Manitoba Arts Council, she completed the album in the Spring of 2023 with intimate stories of love, betrayal, loss, depression, faith, growth, and perseverance. Backed by a mix of alternative R&B, Trap, Hip-Hop, and 80's Pop beats by producers in Winnipeg and France, Johnson takes a break from her usual method of creating music with her seasoned musicians, The Funky Fresh Crew, to explore a new sound.

With plans to perform the new album live with backing tracks and also with her band live in 2024, Johnson opted for a low-key listening party on Bandcamp instead of the usual in-person release party on Novemeber.4,2023. Stay tuned for those upcoming events in 2024. Until then, stream the album on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and other music streaming platforms. DOWNLOAD the album today at https://ingriddjohnson.bandcamp.com/album/dreamer




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