Vault Spectra Unveils Debut Single "Frozen People"

By vault spectra

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After the successful debut of the album "Resurgence Rhapsody," Vault Spectra is back with a powerful new track that aims straight for the listener's emotions. Titled "Frozen People," this latest release not only features evocative female vocals but also marks a stylistic shift into the world of trap music, showcasing the artist's versatility and commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

Exploring the decision to incorporate trap elements, Vault Spectra shares, "After releasing a future bass album, I wanted to try something different while still maintaining a connection with my audience. The choice to infuse trap into 'Frozen People' came from a desire to blend genres and create a track that resonates both emotionally and energetically."

The inclusion of a female vocalist adds a poignant layer to the track, enhancing its emotional depth. Vault Spectra expresses, "I wanted to create a piece that speaks to the listeners on a personal level. The female vocals bring a unique and heartfelt element to 'Frozen People,' making it a sonic experience that goes beyond the surface."

Looking ahead, Vault Spectra hints at an exciting direction for future projects, stating, "For my upcoming works, I plan to delve deeper into dance music genres like dubstep, trap, and future bass. The positive reception of my previous dance-pop release, 'Heart Drive,' has motivated me to explore more within this space. I'm eager to experiment further and bring fresh sounds to my audience."

As Vault Spectra continues to carve a distinctive path in the electronic music landscape, "Frozen People" stands as a testament to the artist's evolution and commitment to delivering emotionally resonant and innovative music. Stay tuned for more dance-infused creations as Vault Spectra gears up for the next phase of their musical journey.

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