n e u r o s h o c k releases EP "Oblivion 1981" on Bandcamp

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A brand new n e u r o s h o c k EP has been released, January 29, 2024.

n e u r o s h o c k  Oblivion 1981 EP features music that didn’t quite fit the vibe of the December 2023 released debut album, The Reactance Bias.  In some ways, the EP could be considered a compliation of bonus tracks not included on The Reactance Bias.  of the four tracks, two are previously released but have new mixes for this EP release.  The other two two tracks are previously unreleased.  

These 4 tracks have a distinct retro vibe to them that many will find familiar. The lyrics explore the artist's youth as a lonely and disconnected kid moving from community to community as a child in a military family.

Track List:

1  You Are Liquid (oblivion mix)

2  Cryptomimic Dreams

3  Memory Oxide (oblivion mix)

4  1981

Available now on Bandcamp and coming to all major streaming platforms in February

Ben Rüsch is an award winning (Excelsior 2023) Winnipeg solo artist creating synthesizer based music forged by the influences of industrial and darkwave genres.  He is a drummer by trade and one of the founding members of long time Winnipeg progressive rock trio, PROVIDENCE.


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