Matt Cory Releases "Another Day in Paradise"... It's Exactly What We Need!

By Matt Cory

Posted on

"Another Day In Paradise," is exactly the kind of rock song the world needs right now—outlandish, fun, and genuine. This straight-up serving of balls-to-the-wall, grungey-in-your-face rock n' roll from songwriter, Matt Cory, follows a character's thought process after a debaucherous bender.  He has no idea where he is, how he got there, and what nonsense ensued, but has a feeling that it was an unbelievable odyssey. 

Musically falling in between the heavy '90s grunge of a group like Alice in Chains or Mad Season and the alternative bluesy groove of someone like Big Sugar, "Another Day In Paradise," has a strange aura to it—a song that sticks with you after hours of listening.

Cory will be following up the bonafide rock single with his Let's Go Downtown EP and a music video with a lead single of the same name in late March.

Follow the link to hear for yourself:

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